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Tim's Microsoft Office 30secondtraining videos click here

Contact Tim:






Mailing Address:


2629 Manhattan Avenue, 293

Hermosa Beach, California 90254




Business Skills Training

Tim travels to your office and conducts the training onsite...

or live over the Internet

1. Time Management Training (click to view):
Feel Good About What You Are Not Doing


2. Email (Get Your Inbox to Zero) Management Training (click to view):
Get Your Inbox to Zero and Stop Forgetting Important Things To Do


3. Email Protocol Training (click to view):
How To Send Professional Emails in a Business Environment


4. Professional Business Office Etiquette Training (click to view):
Office Manners in a Business Environment


5. PowerPoint "Effective Presentation" Training (click to view):
25 Tips for Effective Presentations

Call us for demonstrations, consulting, training and public presentations!

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