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    Office Etiquette

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Tim's Microsoft Office 30secondtraining videos click here

Contact Tim:






Mailing Address:


2629 Manhattan Avenue, 293

Hermosa Beach, California 90254




Tim Does:

  1. Microsoft Office Training

  2. Business Skills Training

  3. Group Training at Your Office

  4. Group Training Live Over Internet

  5. One-to-One Training at Your Office (C.E.O.; C.I.O.; C.F.O.)

  6. One-to-One Training Live Over Internet

  7. Presentation at Your Meeting

  8. Webinars

  9. Training by Pre-recorded video

  10. Consultant

  • Where does Tim conduct training, public speaking, consulting and presentations?
    At your office, country, conference or seminar (Tim comes to you)
    (2) Over the Internet (Live) - (hands on and interactive training)
    (3) Pre-recorded videos
    (4) Live webinars (over the Internet) - watch and learn - (no hands on / strictly you watching my screen and hearing Tim's voice)
    (5) Phone

  • How many people can participate in training, public speaking, presentations
     or in a webinar?
    (1) "One-on-One": (this is good for busy Executives or people that want customized one - to - one training.)
    (2) "Small Groups": 2 participants up to 12 participants
    (3) "Large groups": up to 100,000 participants (limit of 1,000 participants online)

    What is the difference between a
    "webinar" and "remote / live training over the Internet "?

    (1) Webinar: Observation Only

Students / participants will watch the Instructors screen and listen to the Instructors audio.
NOTE: Participants can be located in different geographical locations or in the same room.
No hands-on participation will happen.
NOTE: Put as many people as can fit in a conference room or auditorium to get the best value for your money on this type of training.

(2) Remote Live Training: Hands - On

 Students and participants will watch the Instructors screen and will do "hands on" exercises and training
(with help from Instructor) using their own screen.
NOTE: Participants can be located in different geographical locations or in the same room.

  • Tim has been in business since 1996. His 17th year of success

  • Tim provides training in Microsoft Office,

  • Tim provides training in Admin Skills

  • Tim can customize any class for content and time duration

  • Tim created online Microsoft Office training videos that are short in duration and not boring. Many schools, public safety agencies, Secretaries, Executive Assistants and self-employed use our videos to learn quickly and easily.

  • Read our testimonials and letters of recommendation to hear what people really think of our training

  • Allow Tim to speak at your next seminar. Besides 17 years of knowledge, Tim brings an exciting, personable and winning personality that will leave your audience pleased and happy for their attendance.

  • Tim hopes to serve your training, presentation, webinar or public speaking needs.

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