Thank you to all Veterans
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Tim Owens, Veteran
U.S. Marine Corps

"Thank you for supporting
a Veteran owned business."

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Microsoft Trainer to the Stars

Beverly Hills, California

10 Years of Trust! 

Beverly Hills trusts Tim Owens with their Microsoft Office Training
and Business Skills Training...not 1 year, not 2 years,
not 3 years but 10
 years continuous!

Maybe you want to trust Tim too.

Letters of Recommendation for Tim's Training

Microsoft Training, Business Skills Training,
and Public Speaking since 1997.


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  6. Public Speaker - Past Public Speeches  and Conferences


Training available in all 50 States and World-Wide.


What can Tim do for you? Click one below for more information:

  1. Microsoft Office Training - Tim Travels to You

  2. Business Skills Training - Tim Travels to You

  3. One one One Training Live Over the Internet

  4. Microsoft Office Video Training - online and
    available to your staff 24/7.

  5. Public Speaking (invite Tim to speak at your Conference)

  6. Tim's Is World-Wide. Invite Tim to Teach or Speak in Your Country

  7. Reference letters click here

  8. Get to know Tim Owens

Call Tim today or email Tim for Training: (310)-625-7711


Tim's Microsoft Video
Training (online and fun)

Tim's List of Tips and Tricks!

What else can Tim can do for you?
Click one below!

Microsoft Office Trainingˇ
ˇBusiness Skills Trainingˇ
ˇOnline Video Trainingˇ
ˇConference Speakingˇ


Online Instructor-Led Training

1-on-1 Instructing / Coaching

  Onsite Training

Tim teaches at your office!

We come to you! All 50 States
and around the world.

Training since 1996...
Our 18th year.

Tim travels to you for the training!

Available in all 50 States
and World Wide.

  Teaching C-level executives and
front line employees...since 1996.

Our 18th year!

22 letters of love for Tim's training

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Tim Owens, M.C.T.

17 years experienced as a
Microsoft Certified Trainer...
since 1997.
(view certification)

17 years teaching Microsoft
Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint
and Access in a
corporate classroom environment.

9 years continuous
Microsoft Certified Trainer
to the City of Beverly Hills

Veteran, U.S. Marine Corps
Owner, Founder, Creator of


LA County Fire loves Tim's
Business Skills Training. (click)

Tim is the Microsoft Office Trainer to the
City of Beverly Hills since 2005!

City of Cupertino loves Tim's Microsoft Office
software training. (click)

(onsite training)

(online Microsoft training - click)

Click here to view Tim's

Microsoft Office

30 second training videos.



Contact Tim:






Mailing Address:


2629 Manhattan Avenue, 293

Hermosa Beach, California 90254


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